At Screengrafix we can create an unlimited variety of labels and decals in various sizes and die cut shapes. We can provide you with labels/decals onto self-adhesive, car window/bumper stickers, ultra destruct, foil, lexane/scratchproof, domed, electrostatic cling vinyl, paper, PVC or magnetic material in mono, spot colour or in full colour.

We can advise on the materials and adhesives best suited to your application.

What We Offer

Labels For Any Environment

Screengrafix can manufacture your labels using extra durable materials that many suppliers might not consider. Choose flexible vinyl’s for longevity, or paper labels for less demanding applications.

Unusual Shapes & Sizes

Not all labels come in standard shapes and sizes, nor should they. We can print your label to any size and die cut it to whatever shape you require.

Expert Assistance

Tell us how and where your label will be used. We'll help you decide on print process and materials to deliver the highest impact and quality at the best price.

Large & Small Quantities

There is no minimum quantity required and we have the capabilities to produce large runs.

Full Graphics Services

Our art department will be pleased to work directly with you or your staff to assist in meeting your exact specifications.

Excellent Lead Time

Lead times for labels can be astonishingly short. Turnaround times vary according to the nature of the label requested. If you have a deadline coming up, call us, and we'll work to help you beat it.

Contact us today and learn how labels and decals can help identify, protect and promote your business.